Blockbuster “Tanks”: the active Schultz, T-34 and the mysterious cleaner

Blockbuster "Tanks": the active Schultz, T-34 and the mysterious cleanerIn the film, exactly five real facts

We looked at the new blockbuster “Tanks”.

It is reported that it is dedicated to the memory of the creators of the T-34 tank. In the film, exactly five real facts.

1. The number of the plant in Kharkov, where the T-34 was developed.

2. The constructor of this machine was really called Koshkin.

3. The samples were called “Tank No. 1” and “Tank No. 2”.

4. The first samples of tanks Koshkin under his own power led from the factory from Kharkov to Moscow off-road. It was in March 1940. It was during this run that Mikhail Ilyich Koshkin fell ill and later died.

5. Stalin, indeed, said of the T-34: “This will be our first swallow.”

Actually that’s all.

The rest of the minutes of this masterpiece is just a cowboy mix of German saboteurs who, in the middle of the USSR, hunt our experimental tanks in the forests of the White Guards (by the way, some of them in full officer uniform) , lieutenant of the NKVD, who is looking for spy-saboteurs directly among those who will drive tanks to Moscow, and from time to time aspires to shoot someone. To this we will add an excellent specialist in cooking armor, bathing naked at dawn (it does not happen in the spring, but in the summer, but how would she bathe something), but, by the way, the forms are beautiful!

We will also add an attempt to shoot the tanks by our own troops, an attempt by the infamous Germans to download poison gas through the hole in the armor at full speed to the tanks, as well as the agent still identified, right among the friendly Soviet team of tanker designers and the happy embrace of the loving crew members on Red Square , while around them and their tanks go Stalin, Zhukov and suite from the generals winking at them.

This film can even be quoted. The main fascist, who is sitting deep in Germany in an oak cabinet with a fireplace and a rather expressionistic portrait of Hitler, after learning of the failure of another attack of his saboteurs on the T-34, broke something about the floor, probably with vexation, and speaks of a German woman, -adutjantsha (blond beast, naturally): “Activate Schultz and call the cleaner here!”

And Schultz is! In a black cloak with a gold chain around his neck – greetings to bandits of the 90’s. Well poured fascist-saboteur!

I do not specifically go into the fanciful zigzags of the plot, so as not to disclose the power of the author’s inventions and, so to speak, not to say ahead of time that “the assassin is a butler.”

Detective kinda all the same.

Do I need to watch this?

Well, why not. It was shot beautifully, dynamically (not for nothing did the T-34 have the speed for those times unprecedented – under 40 kilometers per hour over rough terrain). Actors are good, sunsets-dawns, machine-gun explosions at the highest level. And hell you’ll guess where the old and new heroes are coming from and where they come from.

You can go with the children. This is our Indiana Jones, only with a caliber of 76 millimeters.

In any case, may be interested in history at least some sideways. Well, at least curious what kind of T-34 (by the way, copies of the first tanks-prototypes made themselves, there is something to look at, they did not blunder). At us many in the senior generation have become interested in a history after reading Pikulja, anything – the result is the most important.

And then, you see, go to the 36th kilometer of the Dmitrov highway to the Museum of the T-34 tank history. Fine museum: and climb through the tanks, and see how this miracle of tank building was born. The boys will be interested.

And most importantly – all the exhibits in the museum are real, as are the facts. And there are more than five of them.

And the film’s billboard is correct: against the background of tanks and the Kremlin is a designer with drawings, a NKVD lieutenant with a pistol and a young lady with a 56-wrench arm.

We, the audience, liked the movie.

Do not be sarcastic.

To all four, sitting in the hall, including me and my wife.

Tanks – The Official Trailer.

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