“Atlas VMyakovsky”: an exhibition-archive about the Poet of the Revolution

"Atlas VMyakovsky": an exhibition-archive about the Poet of the Revolution

In the Tretyakov Gallery, or rather, in the Museum-workshop of A. S. Golubkina opened a multimedia exhibition "Atlas VMayakovsky". At first glance, chaotic, crowded with things, photos, music, video recordings – this is a total installation, which most of all resembles an attempt to get into the head of the Poet of the Revolution. Yes there Poet – a generation of artists.

To the central idea of ​​the exhibition (by the way, everyone can define it in its own way, but the creators talk about "attempt to map the chaos") lead at once several paths. For example, A. Shane’s film "VMjakovsky", which is an important element of the exposition. In the picture, Chulpan Khamatova, Yury Kolokolnikov, Yevgeny Mironov played. All of them literally in front of spectators turned into Mayakovsky, Lilia Brik, Yakov Agranov.

The film combined the features of the cinema and theater in the same way as the exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery accommodates different formats of contact with the viewer. Here you can compare the photos of Mayakovsky and Sergei Kuryokhin; listen to songs Tsoi and the stories of her daughter "Lighthouse" Helena Patricia Thompson; to dive into Mayakovsky’s private space and out of it to come up in the room of some avant-garde artist from the 80’s. Each exhibit hints at thousands of invisible threads connecting artists of the twentieth century. Find and hold these parallels – the task of the visitors themselves.

The exhibition will last from April 12 to November 25. The ticket costs 1500 rubles.

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Photo: still from the film "VMjakovsky"

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