Astrological forecast for April 30 – May 6

Astrological forecast for April 30 - May 6


The ability to be at the right time in the right place will distinguish you in the first half of the week. However, these days are associated with emotional overload, but you have to cope. On Thursday and Friday, pleasant news is possible, you can also count on the first positive results of the projects that were started earlier (it does not matter whether it’s business or relations). On weekends, limit the circle of friends to the closest.


You will be more inclined to act than to talk, at the beginning of the week. But if you still have to say, remember: less pathos and more humor – only so you can achieve goals. Wednesday and Thursday are very successful for shopping, there is a hope to get great things and save money. And Friday and the weekend are favorable for establishing harmony in partnership relations.


Do not give in to the hectic at the beginning of the week. All the turmoil and all the disturbing rumors of this period will almost certainly turn out to be a storm in a glass of water. Positive changes, and more likely unexpected, are very likely on Wednesday and Thursday. Parties or family celebrations are expected on Friday and the weekend. At the same time, meetings and acquaintances of these days can be very interesting.


Everything new in the week will attract you like a magnet. New ideas in work, new models in clothes, new acquaintances – all this will seem much more interesting than usual. Do not jump to conclusions. In any case, do not rush forever to part with something old. The period from Thursday to Sunday is the time to take the initiative and act as you see fit.


Any meetings and negotiations can be safely appointed on Monday-Tuesday: you will be able to make the best impression. Especially if you carefully consider the choice of clothing. On Wednesday and Thursday, there may be contradictions with partners who will be too frivolous to take their obligations. Friday and weekends are fun days, treat yourself to something delicious.


A very successful and optimistic week awaits you. This applies to cases for which the most suitable for Monday and Tuesday, and personal life, where especially harmonious look Thursday and Friday. The only disappointment can be that you do not get support from the one who promised you earlier. However, you can achieve a lot by yourself.


You yourself may not be ready for the success that awaits you in the week. Different variants of the development of events are possible. For example, some occupation that you perceived as a hobby will suddenly become popular and bring profit. Or a project that you did not pin hopes on would suddenly become popular. There are other options, but they all look very nice.


Start something new in the week is not worth it, but finish with the obsolete – it’s about time. First of all, it concerns relations with partners (rather business ones) that did not meet your expectations, and friends who turned out to be not friends at all. And do not be sad – it is better to be glad that you have got rid of excess cargo. A shopping trip on weekends will give you a great mood.


Rapidity of reaction and diplomacy will be required from you at the beginning of the week. Events at this time can develop quickly and unexpectedly. On Wednesday and Thursday it is better not to go on dates: their course and results are likely to disappoint you. But work in these days can bring not only success, but also pleasure. On Friday, you should not believe everything on your word, it’s better to spend the weekend at home.


You can be too demanding to yourself at the beginning of the week and too focus on the old mistakes. It is not necessary to live in the past, it is more important to avoid repeating mistakes. On Wednesday and Thursday you may find that someone encounters your decisions with hostility. But if you are sure that you are right, do not give up. Friday is very productive, and on weekends you need complete relaxation.


Monday and Tuesday are very suitable for collective discussions – from brainstorming sessions to family councils. Wednesday-Thursday promise pleasant news related to finance. On Friday, disputes are possible, while it is worth listening to the words of opponents. Even if they are not right in the main, their point of view will still be useful to you. It is better to spend the weekend brightly and unusually.


Working and friendly relations can closely intertwine this week. Perhaps you will get to know someone from your colleagues, but at the same time, one of your friends can come out with an interesting business proposal. On Wednesday and Thursday, stay away from people who are uncomfortable with you. On Friday there may be things that seemed lost. Weekends are bright and energetic days.

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