Armen Djigarkhanyan urgently hospitalized in Moscow

Armen Jigarkhanyan was hospitalized in one of the capital’s clinics. He was taken to the medical institution after feeling unwell: Armen Borisovich is again troubled by the heart. The severity of the artist’s condition is estimated as average, he will spend at least two days in the hospital.

Previously, Jigarkhanyan was hospitalized in late January with a heart attack. Then the master was taken to the doctors in an unconscious state.

“The attack of Jigarkhanyan is connected with the fact that he did not cure pneumonia, so complications occurred, he needed urgent hospitalization,” the hospital was told then.

Two weeks ago, ex-wife of ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovska Elina Mazur shared information that Armen Borisovich will receive proper medical care at home, and he was hired by a professional nurse.

“This is a wonderful nurse – according to the master, better than Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, the best doctors and medical personnel around him, he is surrounded by care and attention,” says Elina. – “Caring” Vitalina can not worry about how in her absence feels Armen Borisovich. He forgot her! Carers, the more impure on hand, a long time to remember – not comme il faut! “

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