Anna Sedokova forgot to pack a travel bag

I was wrong. I forgot all the essentials in my tour of Kazakhstan. I was going for 15 minutes and came for 4 days with one cream under my eyes. ???? I do not want you to make my mistakes and make up your list of things you can not fly or leave without: 1. Patches under the eyes. This is long ago musthave. Even if you forgot all the cream, they will save you and moisturize the dry skin under the eyes. Well and a photo in them it is obligatory.? 2. Washing for cosmetics. Of course, you can, as I now mix the cream, adding a few drops of hair oil to it and flushing even waterproof make-up, but why? 3. Erasers for fitness. Here I have now a chic hotel, and the hall is not in it? I had a whole morning on the carpet and exercises with my own weight, but there would be gum, I would have already pumped up the double with a double result. 4. Hair mask. If with shampoos, as a rule, in hotels there are no problems, the hotel air conditioners never take my hair. Every large brand now has its own mini mask packs. For example, in #davines (thanks to salon B&B?) We throw in a bag necessarily. Do you never know where to wash your hair? 5. Body cream. Girls, summer is already close. Remember that you need to moisturize your skin every day, but better several times. And the older, the more often. To me, Clari has now presented many # differences on the #Hello Award. Did she take everything with her? 6. Extension cord ?? You will laugh, but while they bring you to the hotel, all the laptops will already sit down, but I’m lying on the couch now, writing a post, and a rosette dallelekoo, but to me all the same))) 7. Socks. For example, I always have a couple in my bag with me (yes, I’m an old granny?), But in the plane the legs get tired in shoes and in the car for a long time when you go, and warm, soft and bright socks always cheer up! 8. Hairbrush. Yes, I forgot my hairbrush too. Earlier, while I did not whistle daughters, I always had a small brush in my bag. You know, this is now sold everywhere, from plastic, quadrant, without a handle. Now I’ll buy it in the aero and put it back. Good and compact. 9. Oil for the tips of hair. Always and always with me! This time I did not forget it and it saved me (read above) I took @maracanol with me, also a gift after #Hello. 10. A good mood?

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