Anna Kournikova showed rounded belly

Anna Kournikova showed rounded belly

Anna Kournikova

In mid-December last year, the darling of the famous Latin singer Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova for the first time became a mother. The lovers gave birth to twins. For many fans it was a real surprise, because the couple were trying to protect their privacy from the prying eyes of the public.

However, they did not hide the joy of others and started to show kids in social networks. Anna nostalgic for the time, when wore children at heart, and so decided to share some pleasant memories with the followers on the microblog. She published a photo of which was made in the 37th week of pregnancy. Kournikova was dressed in a black t-shirt and tight black jeans. Also tennis player was wearing high-heeled shoes.

Fans were pleasantly surprised to find that. Judging from the picture, she’s not overweight. “So cool! Beautiful! How beautiful is the woman”, “how beautiful!” And so thin, despite the tummy! Congratulations! The health of the mother, “” the heel is high at 37 weeks. “Anna is a beauty, even at this period looks very fit, “wrote a follower.

Anna Kournikova showed rounded belly

Anna became a mother last year

Despite the fact that Kournikova does not suffer from excess weight, she still tries to maintain the body in good shape. She takes on training videos in the gym. Fans admire her persistence and take an example from it.

The novel Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias started in 2002. The girl took part in the filming of the video for the song, Escape, where she met the sweet musician. Despite the fact that their relationship lasted 16 years, the man did not hurry to conduct his beloved to the altar. Apparently, the pair is quite comfortable and without a stamp in the passport. Iglesias never ceases to confess his love to Anna. Now they are busy raising children – Nicholas and Lucy. Not long ago, Enrique was published in the microblog photo, which captures how he, along with the kids in the TV screen.

Anna Kournikova showed rounded bellyEnrique now spends time with children

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