Amal Clooney: “Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George”

George and Amal Clooney are a couple, that breaks the Hollywood stereotypes. They carefully guard their right to privacy and do not live in a bustling Los Angeles or new York, and in the peaceful village of Sonning-ay, that in the South of England in Oxfordshire. There paparazzi harder to get them.

Their position in society is also a violation of the existing orders of the dream factory. Usually when the girl is not from the world of show business, married to a star, then the rest of his life. But as soon as it became known of their affair, Amal immediately rose to the same heights of recognition, and George. But when in April 2014, the couple announced their engagement, some media and even wrote: “a World-renowned advocate for human rights. Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. And not Vice versa. But if you think, differently and could not be. Have Amal has everything you need for success – it is one of the strongest human rights defenders in the world who is not afraid to take a challenging and high profile case. Add to this a unique sense of style. To combine serious professional work and love for fashion, by the way, Amal had learned from her mother Bari, who worked as a journalist and wrote about politics. In her confession, Amal frequently raided her closet, trying on and taking away shoes, dresses and everything that she liked.

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

Amal and George have been together for five years. But the memories of the first meeting all the same bright. In 2013, Amal, along with their mutual friend, came to visit George, where, by the way, just with his parents. “She looked beautiful.” Her busy life fascinated me. “From the moment I first saw her that we had a connection,” recalls George. They talked all night and then exchanged numbers and continued to chat. First, just as friends, but soon their relationship went to a new level. And on the first official date, at one of the restaurants in London, in their lives, they were paparazzi, waylaid the couple on the entrance to the school. So the affair soon became public. But that did not stop. “Before we met, I was just hoping that someday my life will be true love, which does not require weigh the "for" and "against". When I met George, in this moment, I felt that our relationship is the most natural and real thing that can be in this world, “says Amal.

When Amal met George, she was 35 years old. But she was not worried about the fact that she had no family and children. She was so good. George was in the same situation. “If you are even slightly familiar with my crazy biography, you know that I never wanted to marry (from 1989 to 1993, I was never married to actress, But then I met Amal and realized that she’s different. ” George realized that he wanted to associate with Amal, during their trip to Africa. “We were on Safari and came up to her giraffes.” She smiled, and I photographed it. And then I turned to my friend. Ben and said: "You know, I want to marry her". And he said that it was a great idea. “

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

The engagement was announced in April 2014, and in September of the same year, got married in Venice. June 6, 2017 George and Amal were born twins – a son, Alexander and daughter Ella. “Alexander is not yet a year, and he’s already so similar to George,” says Amal. Happy father does not see the similarities. But the daughter, according to the actor, copy Amal.

Despite the fact that the couple have a nanny, they do not try to take as much. “Between six and eight in the morning they sleep in my bed, so I am not planning any business calls to eight.” When I fed them at the breast, it was more difficult, “says Amal.

After the birth of children. Amal left career. Lately, she spends a lot of time fighting for women’s rights. Among other things, she defended the interests of the Azerbaijani journalist Ismayilova Khadii being in prison for her investigation on the corruption of the President of Azerbaijan. Thanks Amal, the girl was released. “We can not be in the minority.” We have a connection-not a geographical, religious or cultural, it’s a partnership based on experience, which can survive only in women. #MeToo , this world safer for me, “she says.

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

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