Alice’s husband, Mon, brutally beat her

Alice's husband, Mon, brutally beat herAlice Mont

Alice Mont became famous throughout the Soviet Union in the late 80’s. Then her hit “Plantain” sounded from every radio. However, the fans did not even realize that the glory of the actress had to pay too much price. Her then husband Sergei Muravyov regularly raised his hand to her.

On the air of the program “Hello, Andrew” Mont remembered the nightmares that her beloved had arranged for her.

“He closed windows, doors, even windows. Then he began to beat me, forgetting that for the evening we had a concert. As a result, he covered me with bruises and sent me to the stage. Of course, I loved him very much, and he destroyed all these feelings in me. As a result, I had to go to his native town, to somehow escape from it “, – said Alice.

Alice's husband, Mon, brutally beat her

Alice tries not to remember the past // Photo: frame from the program

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According to the actress, she never abandoned the dream to return to the stage, and as a result was able to implement his plan in 1997. Then her song “Diamond” blew all the charts, but stay on the musical Olympus Mont and could not.

Guests attending the studio program, “Hello, Andrey,” which comes out on the channel Russia 1 were amazed at how well looks like Alice. The star maintains an ideal physical shape, but does not attend fitness clubs. The actress continues to perform, and her hits are still in demand among the faithful fans.

Despite the vivid appearance, Mon and could not arrange a personal life. The star noted that this is due to an unsuccessful marriage.

In the studio, Mon appeared with an expensive ring on one of his fingers. However, the star refused to tell who she had made such a chic gift, and whether he was not engagement.

The main man in the life of Alice was her son. The young man is now 28 years old, and he also does music. The actress admitted that in the hardest moments only the care of the heir helped her to stay afloat. Meanwhile, Mon fans are confident that she will still be able to find personal happiness.

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