ABBA group refused to perform at new concerts

ABBA group refused to perform at new concertsIn the photo the musicians of ABBA group together with the actors of the film-musical "Mamma Mia". Photo: Wikipedia

Despite the appearance of a new song from the legendary musical group ABBA, the band announced that there will not be new joint concerts and a tour. This was reported by the manager of the group Gorel Hanser to the Daily Star.

Hanser said that the new song was "unexpected accident" During the group’s participation in the virtual reality project. New songs will also be performed by holograms of musicians in the virtual tour.

So, a two-hour holographic show will be shown on the BBC in the UK and around the world as early as the end of 2018. At the same time, the band’s musicians will look just like in 1979.

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