A nude shot of a short-cropped Asmus in a foamy bath “blew up” the Network

A nude shot of a short-cropped Asmus in a foamy bath "blew up" the NetworkKristina Asmus

A nude shot of a short-cropped Asmus in a foamy bath "blew up" the NetworkKristina Asmus

A photo of Christina Asmus, naked, taking a foam bath, was “blown up” by the Network. One could have thought that provocative pictures were “poured” into the Internet by hackers, but no. The actress herself published two photos of herself in the bathroom to … Invite fans to the premiere of the play “The Text”, where she plays one of the main roles.

The star noted the playful publication in a personal microblogging with bold hashtags: #objectspeed, #solicious, # silently, #which, #which is the next, #also bigger. Fans appreciated the picture and “bought” the actress in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompliments. “It’s thin! Beauty! Ideal “- they praised the celebrity. The most attentive fans saw that Christina had tonsured. This fact interested the female half of Christine’s subscribers much more than a picture in the nude style. Now the actress wears a haircut, which, by the way, is very to her face.

It’s interesting that Kristina started putting the hashtag # after the April 2009 discovery that very soon – at the end of May – Russia was launching the first interactive reality show called “Asmodeus”. The action takes place in an underground bunker in which Adam (Sergey Epishev) and Eva (Christina Asmus) live. The plot of this theatrical production is not present, there are only small preparations – the stars went down there in the hope of escaping the catastrophe after the Earth collided with the comet. And everything that the heroes and their guests will do in the frame will be decided by the audience. To see the play and take part in its fate, you do not need to go anywhere. It’s enough just to pay for your participation online and at the right time to be at the computer – the show will go live. After the promo videos of the show appeared that amazed with their frankness and lack of censorship, Asmus published them on her personal blog, adding hashtags “tyzhmat” and “heitiermur” specially for the hetters, saying that she was not at all afraid of malicious comments, especially those , in which someone will argue that a normal mother will not take part in such a show.

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