A new scandal around Johnny Depp

A new scandal around Johnny DeppJohnny Depp

Johnny Depp became the defendant for another lawsuit brought against the actor by his own bodyguards. Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez, who worked for Depp for almost five years, were sued by the actor. They accused Johnny of gross breach of contract and “compulsion to work in dangerous conditions.”

According to Arreola, a retired police officer, Depp first hired him and Sanchez for his protection back in 2013. Later, in 2016, when he had not yet divorced Amber Hurd, Johnny made them members of the team that was stationed in his house and defended the actor around the clock. The problem was that, as argued by Arreola and Sanchez, they had been able to do work that was completely outside the list of their job responsibilities. “We often had to work as nannies at Depp’s son, then defend Johnny not from intruders, but from himself.”

As Arreola said, for example, they always accompanied Depp’s 54-year-old to nightclubs and had to make sure that nothing happened to Johnny, since he himself was in such a condition that he could no longer control himself. On one such night, the actor used an unnamed “prohibited substance that left traces on his face” (apparently, it is cocaine). And they had to remove compromising traces. And also to ensure that Depp, who was “under the influence,” did not get into trouble.

Further, according to the bodyguards, they often had to do the work of the drivers, and while they were driving, there were “people in an unstable state” in the car, including Depp himself, there were also “forbidden substances” themselves, which brought them to such a state.

And at the same time, as Arreola pointed out in his lawsuit, they were also detained by paying wages, not paying for hours worked out in excess of the contract, nor the legal time for food and rest. And recently Depp has completely stopped paying them. As a result, Arreola and Sanchez were forced to quit, and now they demand that Johnny give them what they honestly earned, and also compensate for moral damage for “working under improper conditions.”

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