A man without a wig, Basque in sweat pants: behind the scenes of the controversial video “the color of the blue mood”

A man without a wig, Basque in sweat pants: behind the scenes of the controversial video "the color of the blue mood"Philip Kirkorov and Nikolay Baskov on the filming of the video.

– Well, blow this “swamp”? – refers to the blogger Amirana Sardarov (“Diary Hacha”), the king of pop scene Philip.

– You mean YouTube? – jokes one of the main characters of the movie Kirkorov.

Perhaps you already know that Amiran Sardarov together with other bloggers and celebrities starred in the scandalous clip Kirkorov “Color mood blue.” Views on video in YouTube has already exceeded 15 million. And the hit topped the charts of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Recall: in the video, which Philip took command of Ivan Urgant, actor transforms into a teenage alcoholic. And most of Kirkorov plays Ivan Urgant.

There is profanity. However in the program “Evening Urgant” show video without the Mat. And YouTube is already out there version without censorship. And there 5-year-old “Gnomic” Plushenko in the eyes of his mother Yana Rudkovskaya is applied to the bottle of champagne, “blue” Leps fights with the homeless, the cashier Buzova and Basque, collecting the feces of their dogs.

Such you ever saw us, – tells “KP” Nikolai. – I always support creative ideas of Philip. I was so interested in this role.

– You’re the best! On this one could only agree with you!

– thanks friend Kirkorov.

At the disposal of “KP” I got the video from behind the scenes of the filming of “the color of the blue mood”. It turns out that the cap of the cock, trapped in the clip, not the main hit of the image of Nicholas. For the filming of the singer dressed in baggy sweat pants and a worn sweater.

After filming Philip runs up to greet Nicholas and … teen takes off her wig. Apparently, behind the scenes, the atmosphere was no less interesting than in the movie.


“To play 16-year-old nihilist, a week went with a false beard”: Kirkorov told about the behind scenes of the controversial clip

Just a day hooligan clip of Philip Kirkorov “Color mood blue” has more than three million hits, leading the trends of YouTube.

We recall that the producer of the movie made by Ivan Urgant. According to a showman, a producer called him Philip (details)

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