A brief history of Donald Trump and Kanye West

A week in the US is not getting tired of discussing the flurry of activity. Kanye West on Twitter. Rapper publishes for 10 or even 20 tweets a day, half of which is too complex philosophical subtext (or just not be anything).

For example, Kanye says: “avoid repetitions, meet at different times and in different places, to anything not considered normal.” Destroy normal “.

Another good example: “Most people in the world are silent.” And many of them are silent for too long. “

And probably, the eccentric philosophy of the West’s fans would forgive him, but Kanye, all in the same tweet, he began to express his political activism – that is, to support the Donald trump.

First, we also decided that the rapper was sick (although Kim Kardashian says that he’s all slander and the media want to destroy the reputation of the West. the Tramp in love. And then we found out that Kanye and Donald actually have a lot in common.

A brief history of Donald Trump and Kanye West

At a time when, apparently, Twitter has lost popularity and yielded utube, Facebook and instagram, Kanye West and Donald trump are mostly of this area. The account of the rapper on Twitter counts more than 28 million subscribers, and their President – about 51 million in one account and about $ 23 million in the other. West and Central regularly respond to each other tweets, repost record and share impressions about each other’s posts (if you are interested in watching the development of relations between the President and the rapper, then subscribe and put the huskies, as they say).

Trump already got his in 2016, West plans to be elected in 2024-m. Although there is much debate – whether the rumors are true, that still, the rapper will take part in the elections. In some cities in the States, you can find posters of the rapper and the words “Help America continue to be great.” We hope that this is someone’s bad joke.

Trump said this at a press conference in 2015. Then, just the same, he said that the West loves him and he reciprocates his feelings. And they will never to speak ill of each other. “He [Kanye] always says that Donald trump is his hero.” He says that to everyone. So I love Kanye West, “said trump.

Kanye also confessed his love to the President in his Twitter. “I do not have to do with everything but trump does.” We’re both incredibly energetic. “He’s my brother.” I love all of them. And that’s what makes us individuals. “We have the right to think not like all,” wrote the rapper.

Kanye confessed his love to not only Trump but also to opiates. After this coming-out connected with addiction to drugs, many began to say that West went crazy on the background dependence. Kim Kardashian said that the media and users of social media have demonized her husband. She believes that Kanye has always been expressive and has the right to express her point of view – even if it is the love of Trump.

If the negative attitude towards the President of the United States, it is clear – a large percentage of American citizens who disliked the trump during the election race, then Kanye began to lose fans and friends that after public support Donald.

Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Harry styles, Jaden Smith and many other stars unsubscribed from Kanye in all social networks, publicly stating that the West’s love for Trump. John legend wrote a personal message asking Kanye to come to their senses and stop publicly support the President.

Kanye about trump and unsubscribed from him. Most likely, fans of the above stars will change their opinion about the rapper after their idols.

Red hat Make America Great Again (in the US) is a slogan that was used for his election campaign, is now associated not only with the President himself, but also with Kanye. He posted a few photos of headgear in social networks. Donald trump.

On the one hand, we can lament, how did it happen that one of the most successful rappers in the support of the Donald trump. On the other hand, why Kanye West may not be one of the first blacks who publicly supports the Republicans? Let and led a trump.

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