7 documentaries about fashion that you can watch right now

To learn the history of fashion, you do not need to buy multi-page books and subscribe to the Netflix channel. We have collected cult fashion films that are available on the Internet and supplemented them with documentaries that we like to revise ourselves.

“On style”, 2015

Director Sasha Jenkins has collected the main hip-hop heroes of the last two decades: Kanye West, Farrell Williams, Sean Combs and Nas, to tell about the relationship of rap, graffiti and great fashion. Their painted jackets, four-size jeans larger and put on back-front snapbucks changed the fashion industry, competing with ascetic bows from Ralph Lauren and Armani. In addition to the interviews of the performers, the film has archive pictures and videos wrapped in atmospheric music and tribute to the main rap mod from the 90’s Tupac Shakur.

“Tribute: Bill Cunningham, New York”, 2010

To convince the photographer Bill Cunningham to withdraw for this documentary, it is rumored that it took eight years. In it, the 81-year-old founder of street-style photography talked about the principles of work, incidental moments and attitude to fashion. The flickering frames show how a gray-haired old man runs between the yellow cabs, falls on the asphalt and squeezes forward dozens of other reporters – all to capture the lacquered shoes from Jimmy Choo and the new hat from Philip Tracy. And the contribution of a modest photographer to the industry in the film was described by Anna Wintour and the collector of vintage clothes Iris Apfel.

McQueen and I, 2011

The tape “McQueen and I” explores the journey of designer Alexander McQueen from the first work in the studio on Savile Row to the stage of the Fashion Week in Paris. Director Louise Osmond talks about the innovative, controversial and revolutionary moments that the designer experienced in his 26-year career: the first collection of Jack the Ripper, the friendship with the initiator of the brand Isabella Blow, the “unduly naked” shows and the pressure of the industry, which in 2010 brought McQueen to suicide.

“Gucci: The Last Fashionable Victim,” the year of release is unknown

Prior to Alessandro Michele (and even before Tom Ford) with the Gucci brand, only one word was associated – “murder.” On March 27, 1995, Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the founder of the fashion house Guccio Gucci and the last remaining heir to the company, was killed by a killer hired by his ex-wife Patricia Reggiani. The documentary tells about glamor, betrayal and greed, which led to the tragic disintegration of one of the most powerful Italian families.

“The real price of fashion”, 2015

Young director Andrew Morgan made a film about how fashion is more than entertainment or big business. He first revealed an important problem for the industry, telling about who is really behind the beautiful picture in the lukbook. Thousands of workers in Cambodia and hundreds of Chinese seamstresses daily provide people with beautiful and expensive clothes. But they themselves can hardly escape from hunger and poverty.

“A huge insatiable sphere, producing so much profit. Why can not she really take care of her employees? “- ask designer Stella McCartney, eco-activist Livia Firth and Indian eco-feminist Vandana Shiva. Morgan supports their position behind the scenes – through contrasting reports from the couture shows and stories from dirty textile factories.

«Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind: Tom Ford“, 2011

One of the few films where Tom Ford appeared not as a director, but as an actor – American full-length from Michael Bonfiglio. He followed the designer for several days to show his working days – with the preparation of the collection, the casting of models and the backstage of the show. In sync, Ford talks about his past, his love of photography and the filming of his debut film “Lonely Man” with Colin Firth, Nicholas Holt and Julianne Moore in the lead roles.

“The Murder of Gianni Versace”, 2008

If you can argue with the truthfulness of the second season of the American History of Crimes, the documentary about the murder of Gianni Versace from the BBC pretends to be true. It was filmed with the participation of members of the designer’s family and using archival documents – an excellent opportunity to unravel the tangle of mysterious death without artistic embellishment.

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