7 details that give your age

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There comes a time when anti-age makeup and miracle creams. Figure out what you ages, with Ilya Kislyakov, a plastic surgeon, a leading expert clinic “Korrekt” minimally invasive facial plastic.

“It’s obvious: wrinkles!” – true grin most of us. Not to mention the obvious signs of pronounced nasolabial folds, “crow’s paws”, the crease under the lower lip, wrinkles on the forehead and glabellar area, the first thing that catches the eye – the quality of the skin. Dryness, dehydration, sagging, lack of tone and uneven tone, it is time to pick a competent anti-aging treatment.

How to fight? Sleep at least 7-8 hours, giving up the bad habits, primarily Smoking, and avoid stressful situations, at the rate of 30-40 ml per 1 kg of weight, . And the latest beauty treatments such as PRP, mesotherapy, fillers, biorevitalization, peeling, photorejuvenation, laser resurfacing can not only restore skin fresh, young, well-groomed appearance, but also slow down the inevitable process of biological aging. When these procedures are not enough, surgical correction is possible – it can help to remove excess skin, reduce the severity of mimic and static wrinkles in different areas of the face.

  • 7 details that give your age


During the conversation the main attention focuses on the eyes of the interlocutor. With age, the “tails” of my eyebrows and the outer corners of the eyes are lowered, giving the face a sad appearance, but because hanging eyelids, dark circles and “bags” the look looks tired.

How to fight? With cosmetic defects at early stages is easy to handle yourself: you can use compresses (ice tea), a delicate massage, high-quality masks and creams for the skin around the eyes, special makeup for the impending century. The first visible signs of aging, it is better to consult a doctor-cosmetologist in the a thin, highly sensitive skin of the periorbital area. When on the eyelid, the skin peaked, the palpebral aperture is markedly narrowed, and his eyebrows are slowly but surely slipping on the eye, it’s time to consult a plastic surgeon. Visually lose a few years to remove the tired, sad able blepharoplasty (upper, lower, circular), complex minimally invasive lifting of Milan, biolifting and temporal lifting.

We all know the changes with age in the upper area of ​​the face. This is certainly wrinkles. These mimic wrinkles: the horizontal formed by the activity of the frontal muscles, bad habit to wrinkle forehead, raise eyebrows; vertical above the nose, due to the activity of corrugator and procerus (the antagonist of the frontal muscle) and give the face a sullen, scowling expression.

How to fight? Learn to control facial expressions and get rid of the habit of wrinkle forehead and knit. Help botulinum toxin products that control the activity of mimic muscles, and hence the severity of wrinkles. Also, muscle activity of the upper zone of a person is directly affected by the shape and position of the eyebrows. For surgical correction of changes in this area depending on the indications resorted to frontotemporal (full forehead and eyebrows), temporal and Milan lifting as a holistic method of rejuvenating sight.

Noticed the “floated” the contour of the face area, jowls (the people – “bulldog cheeks”), chin and swelling? The reason is that subcutaneous fat and slack facial muscles under the force of gravity with the years, seek down, and, alas, nothing will stop you. In addition to the scalpel, of course.

How to fight? The most effective methods in the fight against the deformation of the oval is recognized as the SMAS and MACS lift. Today, due to the continuous improvement of surgical techniques, these operations have become less traumatic and do not require visible. The result – crisp facial contours, a visible rejuvenation and long lasting results. The SMAS facelift is considered by many plastic surgeons as the gold standard anti-aging surgery, allowing to achieve amazing results. To correct a minor and primary aging changes you can resort to a filament and hardware lifting, but in the future will still need surgical correction.

  • 7 details that give your ageHands

We day-to-day arrange tests for leather hand: left behind mittens in cold weather, do not apply protective cream with SPF before going out in the sun, wash the dishes in too hot or too cold water, cleaning without special gloves. After 35-40 years, significantly worsening the work of cells called fibroblasts, slows the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, the skin loses density and elasticity, becomes flabby, it ceases to “hide” veins, pigment spots appear.

How to fight? Do not abuse solar baths and a Solarium to avoid temperature changes, regularly, to nourish and moisturize the skin. To erase the traces of age will help chemical peels, laser resurfacing, meso – and plazmoterapiya. A wonderful result can be achieved through lipofilling of hands.

Many people forget that skincare is not just face care. But it was neck and decollete indicators of age. The skin in this area is almost devoid of subcutaneous fat, premature aging, and is a rather problematic area for correction.

How to fight? Follow the position! The habit of stooping is fraught with so-called rings of Venus – horizontal wrinkles on the neck. Equally important to regularly cleanse, tone and nourish capricious skin is to use nourishing creams, serums, tonics, collagen mask, exfoliating with retinol. Experts also recommend gentle peels, laser therapy, biorevitalisation, fillers, thread lifting, mikroneedle RF-lifting. For surgical correction of the neck, corset, especially effective in combination with SMAS-lifting.

With age harder to deal with “lifeline” to the waist “orange peel” and “ears” on the hips. Proven that obesity causes premature aging and causes the development of serious diseases, such as atherosclerosis, liver diseases and cardiovascular systems. It is obvious that the body is suffering from not only inside but also outside.

How to fight? If the extra weight bothers you for years to come and does not go away even after dieting and training hard, then you should check the condition. Frozen pounds can signal the disruption of the internal organs and systems. But if the reason is “big-boned” – fast food, sweets and nighttime snacking, now is the time to buy a gym membership and establish a diet. If you are far from sports, then pay attention to the liposuction and lipofilling: in the course of such operations, cleaned of subcutaneous fat from those areas where it is in excess (abdomen, thighs), and adds volume where you need it (butt , Breasts).

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