5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

6th 5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

Capital Truth – regular exercise significantly affects both our health and the overall quality of life. But why does it become a serious problem for some to start classes in the gym? If you can not make up your mind, then, most likely, one of the reasons is lower.

Playing sports in public can be frightening and cause a sense of embarrassment, especially among people who for a variety of reasons have never been engaged in the hall or have made a big break. But do not let this stupid lack of confidence prevent you from becoming better, and most importantly, improve your health. Many gyms have small rooms, private rooms or even classes only for beginners, where they will help to get started and lay a solid foundation of trust that will make you feel comfortable. And do not forget – everyone in the gym is going through a personal struggle and have their own tasks, on which everyone is focused.

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“Membership in the gym – it’s expensive” – ​​that’s what many people think, including the owners of some large companies. They are in full confidence that they save. Let the figures speak for us: according to the WHO, only 36% of Russians are engaged in sports, 39% are overweight, 44% suffer from hypertension and more than 6% need treatment for depression.

5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

What does this mean? It’s simple – additional and far from small expenses for medical expenses that could be avoided. Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation note that a few years ago, as a result of strokes, heart attacks and diabetes mellitus, the state lost about $ 300 billion. If we round up, it turns out that these 70% of the total number of diseases that can be detected early and prevented outside the clinics . The famous cardiac surgeon and academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Leo Bokeria also notes: “There are clear calculations, according to which the contribution of medicine to the health of the population in the developed world, that is, to treatment, correction of congenital anomalies, etc., is only 12-13%. The rest is guaranteed by the right way of life of the people themselves, decent ecology, nutrition, good social well-being of the population. A huge number of people die from cardiovascular diseases – this is 56.4% of all deaths, and the majority – in working age.

5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

The extension of the average life expectancy of men for one year automatically gives 4% of GDP growth. In short, in all senses – political, economic, moral, social – the state is beneficial to have a healthy population. ” The state has realized and is fighting – only here it is necessary not just a gym, but an entire organization, where they approach the issue in a comprehensive manner and offer their concept for achievements. For example, in health studios Milon, the technique is designed specifically for people who move little because of their work or lifestyle. Training combines crossfit and classroom activities in the hall, experts in clubs advise the optimal number of training sessions – once every 3-5 days, and who has a couple extra pounds, one additional cardio between two strengths is needed.

“It’s too late for me to change” or “what if my blood pressure rises and my heart does not sustain?” – parasitic phrases that interfere with changing the habitual way of life and getting out of the comfort zone. In fact, just the lack of exercise and can cause heart attack and stroke. WHO experts say that preventing up to 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes is possible with the help of proper nutrition, constant physical activity and abstinence from smoking. Associate Professor of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, neurologist Rustem Gayfutdinov told in an interview with the Moscow-24 channel: “Since the prevention of stroke is associated primarily with a healthy lifestyle, it is best to form good habits from childhood.

5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

The right taste in food, the habit of physical activity and stress resistance are easier to put in at a young age. But prevention can be effective, even if it started much later. You can change your way of life even after 50 years, with a serious attitude to the matter. Any load will do. Even if a person devotes 30 minutes only to walking. The ideal option, of course, is the gym, where the coach can pick up a good cardio load. It is proved that regular physical activity allows not taking any drugs that dilute blood. ” A healthy cardiovascular system can support only 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Therefore, a full training in the centers of Milon takes 35 minutes, another warm-up on cardiovascular equipment – 4 and stretching – 10 minutes. All the time in the club will take one hour, to which you must escape twice a week. Milon trainers work on a system developed at the University of Cologne Physical Education, they will quickly set up simulators, attach a breastplate and draw up a nutrition plan depending on the goals: burning excess weight, muscle tone and preventing trauma or stamina and beautiful beautiful muscles.

5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

Especially among those who have already suffered in the past, fear creates new frightening pictures. However, studies show that if you stay as long as possible active – it will reduce the risk of serious injuries and complications in the future. For example, you can use Milon smart-trainers for any level of training, which are used for rehabilitation after injuries in medical institutions and professional athletes. By the way, in the centers of Milon, that Tsvetnoy Boulevard and in Skolkovo, apply both computerized simulators, and free weights. The main distinguishing features of the simulators is that they set the movements in the joints along a safe trajectory, so that you will not be injured and stretched. They also control the constant speed of movement. Trainers of the center also conduct isokinetic training, in which the muscles contract at a constant speed.

Modern technologies have given us everything: from cell phones to equipment for training, capable of incredible accuracy. Nevertheless for beginners some simulators can seem too complicated, and sometimes useless.

5 reasons to not engage in fitness: where is the truth?

In the Milon health centers, the pedantry and accuracy are consistent with the Germans’ inherent pedantry and precision: before the training starts, everyone is crawled on the Milonizer and the result is recorded on the card, then all the simulators read the body and workout parameters from the card and adjust themselves in seconds. All are engaged in a single timer interval load. Instead of the usual weighting machines work on the principle of electronic resistance, which makes it possible to adjust the weight in increments of 1 kg. In addition, the load change can be discussed with your instructor and he will make adjustments to the training plan (you can discuss, but in any case the load and training plan is adjusted every 10 or 20 workouts, depending on the level). As it is quite difficult to control the amplitude of movements independently. Fitness instructors will set up the simulator taking into account the body parameters and body features, injuries and limitations. Analyze movements and results with graphs will go straight to your personal e-mail. All information about training sessions and settings are stored in the personal cabinet in the Milon system Care, access to which only you and coaches have.

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