Congratulations! Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated the first birthday of her daughter

Congratulations! Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated the first birthday of her daughterCiara and Russell Wilson

April 28, 2017, the singer Siyara (32) and soccer player Russell Wilson (29), the daughter of Sienna Princesses was born. And the first birthday of the little girl’s parents decided to celebrate on a grand scale.

Balloons, roses, a three-tiered cake with a crown, and a birthday girl at a table resembling a lavish tutu. Photograph of the daughter, who, judging by the photo in shock from what is happening, Ciara shared in Instagram.

Congratulations! Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated the first birthday of her daughter

“This is the first birthday of Sienna Princesses. April 28, 2017 will always be one of the best days of my life. Happy birthday, angel, “- signed a picture of a happy mother.

“The Lord has blessed us. I love you, my sweet CC, “Russell wrote, posting the same photo on his page.

Congratulations! Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated the first birthday of her daughter

Sienna Princesses is the first common daughter of Ciara and Russell Wilson. Prior to this, Ciara was in a relationship with the rapper Future (34), from which she gave birth to the son of Fuce Zahir Wilburn (3).

The oldest spider in the world is named

In Australia, the female spider-mason broke the record of longevity.

She lived to 43 years. After death, she was recognized as the oldest spider in the world. Thanks to this lifespan, researchers have been able to very well study the habits and features of this species, according to the Daily Mail.

The oldest spider in the world is named

According to biologist Lianda Mason of the University of Curtin, the longevity of these spiders is explained by the fact that they live in the wild forests (Australian Bushland), where they have no hazards caused by people or cars. Also, they tend to rarely change their habitat, so they are not very much threatened. Before that, the oldest spider was the Mexican tarantula, who lived up to 28 years. “My Planet” wrote, why spiders like to climb into cars.

Stylish Knitted Bag

Popular Models

What does not affect the popularity of women’s accessories, and style, and fashion and personal preferences, it would seem that everything is already taken into account for the beauty and convenience of women’s bags.

Knitted bags are already unique in themselves. For today their probability of acquisition is high not only in a fashionable boutique, but also in the most ordinary store. In addition, many based on personal motivation resort to self-breeding.

Special bags of standard type “over the shoulder” are especially popular in knitted bags. Also do not lag behind them and miniature bags of “beach” type. Its originality and light weight can satisfy many women.


A distinctive feature of bags of Boho, its originality. Many men, as they do not try, can not understand the meaning of such a bag. On the contrary, her uncommon and unusual look for the girl is a way to emphasize her individuality. By the way, as many stylists say, by the bag, perhaps, to understand the nature of its owner.

This bag perfectly complements the look of the girl in jeans trousers and high heels. Also quite elegant and when combined with dresses and dresses.

Stylish Knitted Bag

Bag with rings

Very attractive will look and a knitted bag with rings. Again, this is a somewhat unusual and uncommon form of bags. Most often these bags are associated with strict ladies in the same strict suit. They create a certain barrier between strictness and simplicity.

Knitted squares bag

A very comfortable summer option will be a knitted bag of squares. It will look great on the beach rest, and during hiking. In combination with a long-haired hat, every woman with this bag is able to become a universal object of positive attention. Despite the similarity with the bag with rings, this accessory creates a more elegant combination of any outfit. Perfectly suitable both in winter and in summer.

Fashion Trends

Naturally, fashion is dictated by the season, but despite this, bags often do not correspond to this trend. It happens that along with the dress, the handbag becomes a hit, and when it seems that the fashion has subsided, despite the overall ensemble, the bag is still in vogue.

Any knitted bag has its own highlight, which aims to give charm to its owner. This season, showed especially popular two-color knitted bags, with a variety of sizes.

According to the designers, knitted bags will always be in fashion, as it is their naturalness that can dilute any accessory.

It is worth adding that it is the knitted models, especially in recent times, that make up a tough competition for genuine leather bags.

Stylish Knitted Bag


Knitted bags can be very diverse, both large and small, they can be knitted and crocheted or knitted on their own. The only thing for all such bags is invariably their material. Only high-quality materials, or high-quality yarn, are used for manufacturing. And if you find any shortcomings or doubts in the store before buying, then do not take chances. Otherwise, your decoration can turn into the very dull object of an incomprehensible purpose when you first rain.

Stylish Knitted Bag

In addition to these conventional materials, atlas is often used in the manufacture. Bags in his performance have inexpressive lightness and dynamics. Products made from materials such as twine and bags, despite its simplicity, will bring their own specialty of strength and nature.

Knitted bags of satin

Bags made of satin are very attractive and soft to the touch. Particularly acceptable in the form of a gift for the child. By their appearance they are able to literally spell a little fashionista.

Also, such options are acceptable for the evening versions of the ensemble. Depending on its form, it is possible for a completely different purpose, up to the fulfillment of economic needs.

Stylish Knitted Bag

Fashionable bags of twine

Such versions of women’s handbags differ enviable strength and simplicity. Outwardly they resemble linen handbags. Jute twine itself is considered attractive in various designs, and bags made by it have won the appreciation of many women.

Bags from packages

Despite the fact that the first impression is perceived somewhat unusual, the bags from the packages are very beautiful. What is especially noteworthy, they are very budgetary in their performance.

Stylish Knitted Bag

Stylish Knitted Bag

This handbag will not be a shame to take with them to the beach or a date, if you also decorate it with something else, you will get a really interesting option.

Stylish Knitted Bag

Also one more important advantage in them is that they practically do not need any care. It is enough to wipe with light movement and handbag as new. In addition, it is also very strong, which also makes it indispensable.

The sizes of knitted bags

Knitted bags do not have any size criteria. It depends more on preferences and appointments. For example, for a farm and going to the store, a larger bag is more acceptable, and for a beach holiday and walking it is recommended that a relatively small, at times even acceptable, bag in the form of a purse, by virtue of its convenience.

Little bags

Especially popular among this accessory is a variety of small handbags. These include handbags, clutches, which due to their small size, and natural beauty, have gained immense popularity. Clutches are highly versatile, and will perfectly make up the ensemble for the evening gown, and even the everyday type of clothes.

Another purse that won the recognition of many women, a cosmetic bag. Its small size and convenience for a long time made up the competition for cosmetic bags of the usual type.

Small and stylish crocheted bags decorate almost any outfit, but if you add a bag to the bag itself, the effect promises to be unpredictable.


When buying, or making a knitted bag, it is necessary to pay attention to the color. Bright or bright colors are best for a summer period. For the other periods, the use of relatively soft and calm colors is recommended.

Finishing and prints

For each woman, the bag itself is not just a capacious accessory, it is just a necessary addition to the general one. With its help, it is possible to achieve certain changes in the overall appearance.

The best prints can be a variety of combinations of several colors. Also very attractive will be abstract drawings, like geometric ones.

Bags with beads

Sometimes the everydayness of your handbag wants to change something more vivid, something that can enhance the mood, and decorate the look with new accessories. It would be perfectly possible to help, it would seem, simple enough material, beads.

With its help you can decorate and update your old handbag, which will be able to emphasize your image and irresistibility. If there is no time or opportunity to do this personally, you can just buy a new accessory, the benefit in our time the choice of such handbags is unlimited.

Designer bags from Dolce & Gabbana

Women’s bags of this brand are unique in every sense of the word. This famous duo created huge collections of a wide variety of bags. Especially noteworthy are the collections of bags with laces. Also there is a variety and palette of patterns on the bags: relief in the form of peculiar shishechek, openwork, jacquard-type paintings, also consisting of individual motifs.

By the way, to the 25th anniversary of Dolce & Gabbana. The Dolce and Gabbana lineup represent a wide variety of knitted bags. There and handbags purses, and models “over the shoulder” and even bags bag. The peak of success is knitted handbags with elements of genuine leather.

With what to wear

It does not matter what kind of knitted bag, small or huge. Any knitted bag has a unique combination feature with almost any type of clothing. It is important only to approach the solution from the right side. And one more important detail is that it is the bag that is picked up alongside, and not vice versa. Often, such a remark is not observed by women, as a result of which sometimes there are slight uncertainties.

Stylish models for summer

Special popularity of summer bags is their simplicity and convenience. In addition to the already well-known summer variants in the form of clutch and cosmetic bags, a bag has also become widespread. This is quite a large accessory that can accommodate all that is necessary for a business woman. Plus, such a bag is that it is easily selected for any clothes of different colors.

Do not fall behind in the summer season for popularity and the above bag Boho. Its originality, it will complement the appearance of any girl with originality and mystery.

Bags for girls

Knitted bags are able to transform not only girls and women, but also small fashionistas. For the younger generation, in general, all the same models as for the rest of the age. Particularly noteworthy will be handbags made of satin or sewn with various patterns, including beads.

Bags for women

The fashion of knitted bags, it seems, will never cease, as soon as one model is about to leave the race, and another place takes its place. No woman, by no means does without this accessory. After all, except that her purse performs a direct purpose, she also decorates her appearance. Due to the huge difference, the handbag can be matched to any clothes that just exist. Even relaxing on the beach you can find an unpretentious and comfortable model.