Mark Bolan: 14 quotes

When I was small, I was sure that I was a higher being. I had nothing to do with other people. I do not know who I am or where from. But I know for certain that I am not from here.

  • I live in a state of emergency, which most people can not understand.

  • Do not believe that you have much time. David Bowie is most afraid to die without having to do something really serious.

  • All rock musicians are deaf … Or insensitive to soft sounds.

  • I do not believe that there is security. You can die tomorrow.

  • I’m the founder of punk. In my youth, I was called cosmic punk.

  • Give me the C-major chord, and I’ll give you a thousand melodies!

  • I feel that there is a curse on the rock stars.

    • Steve Carrie (bass guitarist T.Rex)

    Mark was the father of rock ‘n’ roll of the 70’s. without it there would be no glam, punks, David Bowie.

  • Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets, The Rascals)

  • Nobody does it that way, no one is so beautiful, does not wear colored coats. Sess all because. Well, look, I play a concert, who goes there? Yes, simple guys, almost working class, who can go to the football instead of a concert. But on Bowie and Bolana, then the same guys went! And they dressed like women. Nobody in the room even thought to say: “Oh my God, they look like homosexuals!” Everyone thought only: “… they are cool!” Now all the musicians are afraid that they will not understand. Bolan thought: “I’m playing rock’n’roll, I’ll do what I want, I’ll make up.” Today no one has enough eggs to behave this way.

  • His music has not lost its relevance. He is one of the few who possessed the ability to sound modern and at the same time unique.

  • Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

  • When I watched the performance of Mark Bolan in Top of the Pops, I dreamed to be on the same stage, I also wanted to be covered with sparkles and wear women’s shoes.

    Representatives of Russian rock did not stay aside.

    Boris Grebenshchikov dedicated one of the issues of his broadcast to Aerostat to Mark Bolan, and also used the music of the song Cat Black from the album Tyrannosaurus Rex Unicorn (1969) to compose his composition, which he named Sergei Ilyich (the song for Mark Bolan). “A small haughty handsome man with an incredible head of hair, absolutely sure of his righteousness and singing songs about unicorns and magical kingdoms – he did not fit in any scheme, was completely unformatted,” – BG responded about Mark.

  • Viktor Tsoy, at the dawn of his musical career, when the Cinema group existed only in the bud and was called Garin and hyperboloids, recorded a song – Dedication to Mark Bolan. The text is quite abstract, and Mark himself is not mentioned there, but it does testify to the influence of T.Rex on the early creativity of the late Victor Robertovich.

  • Konstantin Kinchev also did not pass by Mark Bolan and dedicated one of his songs to him – the composition of Dr. Boogie, which was included in the album Energy (1985).

  • However, the main fan of Mark Bolan in the USSR was Mike Naumenko. It is known that he composed the song of Boogie Woogie every day, borrowing the idea from T.Rex, who sang I Love to Boogie. Natalia Naumenko (widow of Mike) recalls: “The music of T.Rex sounded constantly in the house (of course, we listened to a lot of other things). I admit, I’ve never been a fan of Bolan, and his “special” voice was simply annoying. But Mike unobtrusively taught and even tamed to Mark. In the end I was used to both charming bleating and strange pronunciation. I still remember tunes without any reason. I hear the merry boogie-woogie, then strange stories (say, about a girl with a frog in the palm of her hand), then pleading “give me love, give me little love … “Filling a comic questionnaire, in the” hobby “Mike wrote:” I collect materials about Mark Bolan and David Bowie “, in the column” favorite artist “:” Mark Bolan “.

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 – the first autofocus lens Meike

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    Hong Kong company Meike announced a new full-frame lens 85mm f / 1.8 – the first autofocus model of this manufacturer. The lens will be available for Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony-E mounts (in the latter case, for APS-C matrices).

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    The MK-85mm f / 1.8 lens has a fully metal body, a multilayered front lens cover, the optical scheme consists of 9 elements in 6 groups, the minimum focusing distance is 85 cm. The diameter of the filter thread is 67 mm. The kit includes a lens hood.

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    The manufacturer on its website with reference to the new lens has filled only the section “General overview”. The “Specifications”, “Snapshot samples” tabs and others are still empty. Only pictures in this spirit are offered:

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    Information about the price and timing of the start of sales, too, yet.

    Meike 85mm f / 1.8 - the first autofocus lens Meike

    “The Witcher” will be removed in Eastern Europe

    Shooting the series on The Witcher will be held in Eastern Europe, including Poland.

    The project’s showrunner reported this in her tweet Lauren Schmidt, recently visited Poland for inspiration, where she, in particular, met with the author of a fantasy series Andrzej Sapkowski.


    According to Schmidt, the first season of the TV show will consist of eight episodes. At the moment, the script is ready for the pilot. Later, several more authors will join her, on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of writing scripts for the rest of the season.

    The Premier of the Witcher should be expected no earlier than 2020.

    The best soundtracks of the series “Sharp peaks”

    The British series “Sharp peaks” won the audience not only with a strong cast, but also with a powerful soundtrack: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Royal Blood and many others.

    So, include our playlist, pour tea or something stronger and imagine yourself in a dank Birmingham in the Small-hit area.

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    In Moscow, in late April, a leisure center for adult Dolls Hotel will open, on the basis of which the first legal brothel LumiDolls will operate in Russia. The peculiarity of the hotel is that it will be possible to use only sex dolls with mechanical movements, heating and artificial intelligence.

    The structure of Dolls Hotel includes a network of hourly hotels with the possibility of renting sex dolls and a service for the delivery of sex dolls to parties and at home. In addition, Dolls Hotel sell dolls, as well as train and service individuals and legal entities on the topic of the adult market, develop projects in the realm of virtual reality, and provide services for the hotels segment SexTech.

    The cost of an hour of renting a room in the Dolls Hotel in the Moscow center will be 1,5-2,5 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen type (“Fantasy”, “With a cage” or “Lux”). And if the client wants to use the services of sex dolls, the rent will cost 5 thousand rubles per hour.

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    With an overall estimate of $ 1.5 million, the leisure center for adults Dolls Hotel has already attracted 300,000 dollars of investment. Over the next 12 months, more than 10 such centers are planned to be launched in Russia and CIS countries. And in the perspective of five years it is planned to open more than 50 representative offices in cities with over a million population and resort areas around the world.

    “We are pleased to enter the Russian market, for us, the third in a row. We have no doubt that the hotel with hourly pay and the possibility of renting sex dolls will be in demand in Russia, no less than in the West, “commented co-founder of the public house of sex dolls LumiDolls in Barcelona, ​​Cergy Prieto.

    According to forecasts of Future of sex, by 2033, 10 percent of sexual contacts will be between people and androids. According to Prieto, progress is moving towards realism: sex with dolls of the last generation is similar in many respects to sex with real women, and in some aspects it exceeds.

    The founder of Dolls Hotel in Russia, Dmitry Alexandrov, noted that the poll, which was attended by more than 15,000 respondents, showed that 36 percent of the Russian population feel dissatisfied with their sexual lives.

    “Creating a full-fledged leisure-time adult center in Russia is not only a legal and safe way to diversify your sex life, but also a step towards eliminating one of the most ancient problems of civilization – the forced exploitation of women (prostitution) in Russia, as well as invaluable help to people with mental disabilities. In Spain, for example, up to 30% of institutional clients are people who have psychological or physiological abnormalities, “says Aleksandrov.

    Alexandrov also stressed that after each client all dolls undergo thorough medical disinfection with the help of special means. This ensures that there is no risk of infection and meets international standards.

    In Russia, a brothel with sex dolls

    List of the deepest lakes in the world

    In total there are about five million lakes in the world – we are used to seeing only small ponds of fresh water in them, where it is so convenient to spend summer days. But there are such lakes in the world, the depth of which can compete with any sea: here there are storms and storms, the experienced sailor would not have risked entering. In our list you will find the top of the deepest lakes of the planet, each of which has its own unique properties.

    List of the deepest lakes in the world


    Depth: 590 meters

    Lake Matano is located on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It is considered a local Baikal, because the water from the lake can be drunk without additional treatment. Matano is quite navigable and even there are storms and storms here.


    Depth: 594 meters

    The deepest lake in the United States is located in Oregon. Kreiter was formed as a result of volcanic activity – in fact, it is the former crater of the volcano Mount-Mazama that has sunk into oblivion. Waters of Creter are distinguished by a special, sky-blue color: this is due to the melting of the snow.

    List of the deepest lakes in the world


    Depth: 706 meters

    Malawi is the deepest of the lakes of the East African rift valley. In this pond, scientists found for themselves a real Noah’s ark: there are exceptional fish species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

    Caspian Sea

    Depth: 1025 meters

    The Caspian Sea washes the coasts of as many as five countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The area of ​​the salt lake is an impressive 371 thousand square kilometers, not only commercial production, but also the development of oil deposits.

    List of the deepest lakes in the world


    Depth: 1200 meters

    Lake Vostok can rightfully be called the most unusual on the whole of our planet. This strange pond was discovered near the Russian Antarctic station “Vostok”. To drill an ice shell and get to open water, it took scientists twenty years – but the result was worth it. Here, in its original form, preserved microorganisms that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

    List of the deepest lakes in the worldTanganyika

    Depth: 1470 meters

    Tanganyika is located in the deepest tectonic depression in Africa. Here are several species of crocodiles and hippos. The lake is home to as many as five species of endemic birds. It was discovered by chance: British researchers John Speck and Richard Burton literally stumbled upon a lake when they were looking for the origins of the Nile.

    List of the deepest lakes in the world


    Depth: 1642 meters

    And of course, the first place goes to our Lake Baikal – the lake, which is the world’s largest fresh water reservoir. Baikal was formed as much as 35 million years ago, there are still several species of flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else in the world.

    https: // …



    The passage of the Earth around the Sun created great specific periods. They were repeated at a certain distance, our Ancestors tracked it and recorded everything in order to know the past and how this past will affect the future in the future. At each time interval there will be development. This pattern is repeated every 25920 years. This period (25920 years) our Ancestors were divided into 16 Chertov, i.e. for 1620 years, the Jarilo-Sun passes 1 The Chamber (a change of the epoch takes place).

    This is all calculated for Midgard.

    When the era of the Fox came, the change of old Beliefs to new religions began around the world (but we know that the Fox is cunning, lies, deception.)

    The Age of Fox is the night that is now the age of the Wolf is the dawn.

    In Lѣto 7520 (the era of Fox was over and the era of the Wolf came). ≡ 2012 year

    2012 г + 1620 = 3632 (the epoch of the Stork – Rod will come), i.е. rebirth.

    If you divide each era into 4 parts for 405 years (figuratively – this is a clock) – every 405 liters – troubled times, changes.

    (Lectures of the Asgardian Spiritual School, 2nd year)

    It turns out that for some time after the onset of the Wolf era (2012), we are in for a transition period.

    Each era is essentially 1 hour in the WEDDING DAYS.

    2012 г + 1620 = 3632 (the era of the Stork – Rod), i.e. will be REVIVAL.

    7520 liters (ends the era of the Fox and the Age of the Wolf comes). year 2012

    2012-1620≡5900 came the era of the Fox Night of the era of 5900 (392 g of RH) NIGHT

    5900-1620≡ 4280 came the era of the Tour Evening of the era of 4280 g (1228 to RH) EVENING

    4280-1620≡ 2660 g came the age of Los. Day of the era of 2660 g (2848 BC) DAY

    2660 -1620≡ 1040 g was the time of Finist. Dawn of the 1040 g (4468 BC) DAWN

    1040 -1620≡11979 came the era of the Horse. (from the Great Coldness) -1620≡10359 NIGHT OF THE EPOCH (nuclear night)


    With the heavens Svarog is not connected by chance, for He is the heavens themselves, but not the heavenly sphere of the Earth, but the whole of our Universe as a whole.

    Modern science claims that from the moment of the Big Bang (the birth of our universe, and the beginning of its formation), 13.7 billion years passed (with an error of 200 million years). This time is the birth of Svarog.

    In form, our universe is flat and since the explosion expands with ever-decreasing speed. The expansion process will never stop. There will be no reduction in collapse, as some scientists sometimes say. The analysis of MB radiation showed that 4% of the universe consists of “ordinary matter” – atoms. At 23% – it is “cold dark matter”, knowledge of which is so far negligible. The remaining 73% are represented by “exotic dark energy”, which is even less known.

    Expanding, the Universe makes a circular motion around its Center. This movement is called “Kolo Svarog”.

    The universal Kolo Svaroga is the rotation of the Universe around its center and its axis. The Great Kolo Svaroga – the rotation of the Galaxies around the center of the universe; The Great Svarog Kolo is the rotation of the Star Systems around the center of the Galaxy; Small Kolo Svaroga – the rotation of the planets of the Star System around the center of the System.

    The galaxy revolves around its central region. In the center of the Galaxy, only a relatively small fraction of the stars are concentrated. Therefore, the rotation of the Galaxy has its own characteristics: as the distance from the center increases, both the angular and linear rotational velocities of the Galaxy change (the angular velocity decreases, and the linear velocity first increases, and then, after reaching a maximum, begins to decrease). The sun is just at that distance from the center of the Galaxy, where the linear velocity of the stars is maximal. The sun and the nearest stars move around the center of the Galaxy at a speed of 250 km / s, making a full turn in about 200-220 million years (the Big Kol Svarog).

    Day or Night of Svarog is an earthly era that lasts about 2160 years. Two eras of the Earth are the Sutki of Svarog. And six Sutok Svarog or twelve earthly eras make up the Svarog Week or the Earth Age with a period of 25920 years.

    Re: Visual photoinstructions, how beautifully to tie a scarf, scarf and stole (17 photos)

    To me "pretzel" liked. Need to try.

    In general, there is usually no time to wind something up there. Although I love different shawls, scarves, stoles and buy them all the time. As it is pleasant, so I can not move! Must buy! It is necessary to make a revision, and then I carry what is at hand, and the rest in the closet, and even crumpled. Oh, I bought the steamer! Manual, but powerful. He liked the new windbreaker. Here it is necessary different scarfs-handkerchiefs poteparivat!

    The world’s first exhibition of photos taken at the camera of the car

    The world's first exhibition of photos taken at the camera of the car

    Until recently, photos taken on the phone were nonsense, today – more than the norm. But the photos taken on the car, have not yet entered into fashion and are surprising. In this case, we are not talking about images from the DVR, but about a full-fledged art exhibition: it can be seen in the Manege until May 27 in the framework of the Photobiennale.

    The first car, which allows you to get high quality images, has become an SUV Volvo XC60 with a built-in camera of the company’s security system. The works of this “photographer” make up an entire exposition with a documentary chronicle of the street life of Copenhagen. Before us – picturesque pedestrians and cyclists, organically fit in the space and a rich urban landscape. The co-author of the photographs was the photographer Barbara Davidson, who received the treasured “Pulitzer” three times. For this talented woman, it is time to conquer new heights of photo art: the world’s first exhibition of photographs taken on the camera of the car belongs to her. Be sure to come to see this amazing phenomenon, and at the same time stroll through other expositions of the Moscow “Photobiennale”.

    The museum operates from 12 to 22 hours, tickets for 400 rubles.

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    Whitney Houston Memorial Gala Concert: all hits in one show

    “Atlas VMyakovsky”: an exhibition-archive about the Poet of the Revolution

    "Atlas VMyakovsky": an exhibition-archive about the Poet of the Revolution

    In the Tretyakov Gallery, or rather, in the Museum-workshop of A. S. Golubkina opened a multimedia exhibition "Atlas VMayakovsky". At first glance, chaotic, crowded with things, photos, music, video recordings – this is a total installation, which most of all resembles an attempt to get into the head of the Poet of the Revolution. Yes there Poet – a generation of artists.

    To the central idea of ​​the exhibition (by the way, everyone can define it in its own way, but the creators talk about "attempt to map the chaos") lead at once several paths. For example, A. Shane’s film "VMjakovsky", which is an important element of the exposition. In the picture, Chulpan Khamatova, Yury Kolokolnikov, Yevgeny Mironov played. All of them literally in front of spectators turned into Mayakovsky, Lilia Brik, Yakov Agranov.

    The film combined the features of the cinema and theater in the same way as the exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery accommodates different formats of contact with the viewer. Here you can compare the photos of Mayakovsky and Sergei Kuryokhin; listen to songs Tsoi and the stories of her daughter "Lighthouse" Helena Patricia Thompson; to dive into Mayakovsky’s private space and out of it to come up in the room of some avant-garde artist from the 80’s. Each exhibit hints at thousands of invisible threads connecting artists of the twentieth century. Find and hold these parallels – the task of the visitors themselves.

    The exhibition will last from April 12 to November 25. The ticket costs 1500 rubles.

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    Photo: still from the film "VMjakovsky"