20 things in Boho style that you need

Originally from the 70’s, he combines the style of hippies, ethnic and folk, gypsy and vintage motifs. The key to success is multiple layers and slight negligence. Feel free to mix short dresses with jeans or shorts, and with a long sarafan, put on a large cardigan cardigan or a poncho with a fringe. Combination of different invoices – the must!

Chiffon and cotton are worn with worn leather, soft suede and fur, as well as denim, decorated with appliqu├ęs and motley patchwork. Fans of the freedom-loving Boso always prefer only natural ekotkanjam, and a bright color palette is harmoniously supplemented by natural shades. Choose things with the effect of tie-dye, oriental patterns and ornaments, floral and floral prints, richly decorated frills, fringe, embroidery, lace and feathers.

For sure, you have in your wardrobe a flying dress or a sundress in a flower, add to it suede leather, Cossacks, cascade beads and bracelets. Have not you worn your old flared jeans for a long time? Do not rush to throw them away! A tunic or vest with embroidery, a cowboy style belt, a wide-brimmed hat and a fringed bag will suit them.

Going to the sea? Buy a knitted swimsuit, add to it a translucent cape, aviators, volumetric bag or basket, embroidered with pompoms. Do not forget to pick up decorations for everyone, they should not just be a lot, but a lot! Monisto, beads made of natural stones, earrings-brushes, large bracelets from metal and “baubles” of beads, leather and suede, which can be found not only in stores, but also in flea markets or make with your own hands.

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