11 tracks for all occasions from Cream Soda

Ilya Gadayev: I love the mood and sound in this track, very atmospheric. In general, Jaden is very cool, I advise everyone his album “Syre”.

Childish Gambino «Me and Your Mama »

Ilya: Donald Glover – a man of the Renaissance, talented in everything he touches. I advise his latest album “Awaken, My Love!” And his TV series “Atlanta”.

Earth Trax «Deprive Me of Air»

Ilya: Opening of 2017 for me, a very cool, quiet house. Perfect for ending the party in the morning on some roof.

Massive Attack vs. Burial «Four Walls »

Ilya: Probably, this is one of the most favorite songs in my life. This track can be listened to forever and always find something new in it. I once listened to him seven hours in a row.

Flume & Chet Faker «Drop the Game»

Anya Romanovskaya, the voice of the album “Beautifully”: I listen to music first of all from the point of view of the performer, so I instinctively pay attention to voice control, melismatics and a combination of vocals and music. This is one of the most relevant for me performers, in his track you can hear the character and style of the singer.

Sevdaliza «Human»

Anya: Most recently I got acquainted with the work of this singer, and she inspired me with a bright style both in music and in the image. Of all the tracks I would single out “Human” – very unexpected musical and vocal solutions and combinations of sounds.

Constantine “Bloodthirst”

Anya: I really love this track. I believe that this is a breath of fresh air in music in Russian. In addition to the steep musical style, I am impressed most of all by the voice of Constantine, who is not at all like the voices of other singers. He perfectly owns and manages it, which is very important for me.

PS S. Konstantin, I want to join you.

James Blake «My Willing Heart»

Dima Nova: For me listening to “My Willing Heart” is a way to travel to other worlds where there are no earthly cares, no laws of nature. Such places are necessary in order to exclude even oneself from dialogue with music and to remain alone with emptiness, to return to point 0. Speaking about the track from the technical side, I especially like it: we hear the styles of two authors, Frank Ocean and himself Blake, yes, it was Frank Ocean who co-produced this track. Since my weakness is a mix of moods, a combination of incongruous and ciphers in music, this track is especially close to me!

Lurmish Suprahiro

Dima: A magnificent voice, a cosmic atmosphere and something that is especially valuable – the text in Russian, sounding very smooth, collected and beautiful. This is especially valuable in our time, as 95% of music in Russian causes the desire to pierce the ear with a screwdriver. Keep the universe such groups!

Taisiya Krasnopevtseva “The Boat” (soundtrack to the film “The Find”)

Dima: Stunning soundtrack to the super-twisted Russian film. I like folklore themes very much, they have special magic, it is for me like charging for a phone with a dead battery.

A $ AP Rocky «A $ AP Forever» ft. Moby

Dima: Again, from the love for a combination of bright musical elements, I can highlight this track. Aisep Rocky and Moby, what next? Kanye and Beral?

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