10 albums that would not exist without Green Day – Dookie

August 11 is a new song Bang bang cult group Green Day, revived in its time interest in punk music, not only in the US, but throughout the world. Green Day influenced the creative work of such bands as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, gave the world legendary records Dookie and American Idiot.

Nick Rivers (Nik Rivers) got the privilege to listen to a new track earlier than the rest, last weekend in Chicago, Illinois, and compared it to “early, punks, Green Day”:

If you are a fan of the early Green Day, then you LOVE a new song Bang bang. And, by saying “early”, I mean Dookie, but not When I come Around, and more Welcome To Paradise, Burnout and Chump

In honor of the release of the novelty and the possible return of Green Day to the previous sound, we tell about 10 albums (including unexpected ones) that would not exist without the legendary Dookie.

The intoxicating atmosphere that teases the guitar, the same sensitivity … Afraid of Heights of the San Diego team is a modern answer to the Dookie, if not his exposure.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

“I remember when I bought Dookie Green Day, I just wanted to lick the pages from the booklet! It’s a special album, I mean, it’s a cult album, “Gaga said, also stating that Dookie was her first purchased record, he laid the path for a whole period of provocation in punk that had a great influence on her future career, starting with her debut .

The collective No Doubt, also originally from California, with a plate Tragic Kingdom in 1996, breaks through the window of pop punk, which Green Day opened a year earlier, in 1995. Popularity of the composition Just A Girl, the story of the riot against parental control, lyrical themes and cheeky energy of the plate go in parallel with the Dookie.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

Bringing skate punk into the culture of the zero generation, the Canadian team Sum 41 Do not hide the extent to which their careers owe the discography of Green Day. Derik Webley (Deryck Whibley) recalls:

I was about 14 years old when Dookie came out. I remember the first time I watched a video for a song Basket Case… It had so much energy, and it was so unusual. I’ve never seen anything like this before. After that, I instantly became their fan.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

The glory that came to producer Rob Cavallo after the creation of Dookie and subsequent albums of Green Day, gave him creative freedom in creating a gloomy, experimental record My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade. Although its saturation and a comprehensive story-thematic picture, rather, are due to a later concept album of Californians, American Idiot.

And it’s not surprising. Such a shadow was cast by Green Day and their original album, that fans Blink-182 Do not cease to protect the group, as not subject to the influence of Green Day. But even ignoring the musical similarity of these two trios, Blink-182 would have received the support of a major label when creating Enema of the State, if Dookie had not had such huge commercial success before this? Adam’s Song, written about a fan who committed suicide, is very reminiscent of Dookie’s narrative about mental health problems and paranoia.

After the release of the album So Jealous, who made the sisters Tigan and Sarah famous around the world, Tegan told MTV:

I remember buying a CD and listening to it many times over and over again, introducing myself playing these songs. I think it was the first band that made me want to play the guitar.

By directing the raw energy of the early creation of Green Day into its own project, Paramore broke out into the mainstream with a plate Riot and her flagship single Misery Business, as well as dedicating their songs to high school students, like Billy Joe (Billie Joe) with the band in Dookie years earlier.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

The best pop punk debut of 2012 causes the same thrill in the public as the epic Green Day. Fact as a bonus: the very first song that frontman FIDLAR Zach Carper learned to play the guitar, was Time of Your Life from the album Nimrod.

It is impossible not to add to this list another famous record Green Day, as sales volumes and the glory that brought the group Dookie, allowed the team to rise to new heights. American Idiot – Not just an album, it’s a punk opera, telling a fair story about life, love and loss in the suburbs. He sold around the world an impressive number of copies – 14 million, also putting the beginning of the same musical. Punk on Broadway … how about that?

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

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